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Our Greenseams program captures a significant amount of stormwater every time it rains. Besides Greenseams, 10 other green infrastructure strategies help protect basements, sewers and area waterways every time it rains.

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Do you want to reduce stormwater pollution, conserve water and save money?

Green infrastructure allows us to collect and infiltrate stormwater by keeping it out of sewers and waterways, reducing flooding and basement back-ups. It can be as simple as connecting a rain barrel to your home or planting native vegetation.

Regional Highlights

MMSD’s Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence

MMSD has launched their Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence to provide technical assistance and guidance to their stakeholders.

City of Milwaukee's Green Infrastructure GIS planning tool

The City of Milwaukee's Green Infrastructure GIS planning tool is now publicly available at
http://city.milwaukee.gov/mapmilwaukee. This tool is available to stormwater professionals and students engaged in community planning. Through open data sharing, the tool will advance green infrastructure planning in the City of Milwaukee. Please send any feedback to eshamb@milwaukee.gov.

Green Infrastructure Report Released


In this study by the Center for Economic Development (CED) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, green infrastructure is found to be positively correlated with higher Milwaukee-area property values.

Milwaukee Green Streets Plan

Milwaukee Green Streets

Through the Green Streets Stormwater Management Plan, the City of Milwaukee is designing city streets to reduce stormwater flooding risks, improve the quality of our lakes and rivers, and help the City adapt to a changing climate.

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