Case Studies

Case studies can be powerful tools that help us learn more about the effectiveness of green infrastructure measures. The case studies included below provide a more in-depth look at specific porous pavement projects and their outcomes.


Porous pavement case studies:

Portland, Oregon: Portland Bureau of Environmental Services "A New Approach to Stormwater Management"

This case study was written by the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services and it describes the use of porous pavement in the city of Portland.

Stormwater Solutions, University of Oregon: Galbraith Pervious Concrete Case Study

This case study focuses on a residential application of porous pavement.

Portland Cement Association: "Chicago’s Green Alleys: Permeable Pavement Used to Alleviate Flooding"

This case study looks at the highly successful Green Alleys Progam in Chicago.  It details what the program has done in order to help reduce stormwater runoff.

University of Rhode Island: "The University of Rhode Island Parking Lots: A case study of alternative pavement materials"

This case study focuses on a parking lot project that utilized non-traditional paving methods at the University of Rhode Island.