The articles below offer relevant information on porous pavement that can help you catch up on what's new, cool projects, what other cities are doing and cutting edge techniques being used.

Articles to check out:

Today’s Green Construction: "Pervious Pavements in Cold Climates"
The ability to use porous pavements in cold climates has been debated for years.  This article describes the ability of porous pavements to perform in cold climates.
This article showcases the U.S. Cellular Field's permeable paving.
Stormwater Journal, "Pervious Pavements - New findings about their functionality and performance in cold climates," (September 2008)
Stormwater Journal is a trusted source for stormwater management information.  This article further details the functionality of porous pavements in cold climates. 
Public Works Magazine Online: "Pervious pavement naturally absorbent"
Learn more about porous pavements and how they can help municipal stormwater managers reduce runoff.
San Francisco Streets Blog: "San Francisco Could Find Downstream Benefits in Innovative Street Paving"
This article describes the benefits that San Francisco could see by implementing porous pavements.